martes, 23 de abril de 2013

"PETIT CUBES" Colección Otoño-Invierno 2013

Meramente Femenina

El viernes pasado asistí a la pasarela de la diseñadora Nicaragüense Shantall Lacayo,seguro han escuchado de ella;  finalista de Project Runway  Latinoamerica 2010 ; todo un orgullo para mi país Nicaragua. No había tenido la oportunidad de ver de cerca sus diseños, debo confesarles que me impresionaron. Realmente pude apreciar la geometría en los cortes. Trajo  de manera femenina y sensual el cubismo y surrealismo al vestuario. Este chaleco asimétrico es mi es divino? Todo un Must-Have.

Last friday I went to Shantall Lacayo's Runway; she is a Nicaraguan Fashion Designer. I am sure you have heard about her previously. Shantall was finalist in Proyect Runway Latin american 2010, we are proud of her. I was impressed by her designs, i could appreciate the geometric shapes. Shantall Lacayo expresses sensuality and femininity by her clothes. 
That asimetric vest is my favorite garment,,,is not cute? It is a Must-Have.

Love the detail on the side

Black and white/ love constrasting colors!

Who doesn't love Black dresses?

Black+white+Printed skirt= what else would you desire?

Shantall Lacayo and I

Arlen from Channel 13 " Con Aroma de Mujer"

Nasstaja Bolivar, The beautiful Miss Nicaragua 2013.

Thanks for the photos to: Mejia+Bendaña Photografy
                                      Joel Castillo Photografy

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lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

Random Photos + DIY

Hello guys, as you can see these  pictures are taken by me with my cellphone; they don´t have high quality but look pretty well. Actually, my camera is damaged so i haven´t taken pictures so far, so i decided to take some pic with the phone. i hope dont bother you.

My hobbie is sometime made my own clothe. This high waisted short is the witness. but i sometimes get bored and start and re-start until finish.

This is the final result.....I know it is not perfect but i made it.

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