sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

A family day

spend time together in family is important because you can reinforce the relationship between you and your daugther, cousin, mother, cousin, and so on. if you do it, i am sure, you will have fun.

today was one of my favorite day because i have a lot of fun and too much love. i take today for share time with my mom and cousins. also it was relaxing.

i did many thing that i have never been do it for long time such as ride on a little train(for kids) , i was playing with my little cousin and her sister; taking of her.
Act likes kids sometimes is funny

pasa un tiempo en familia es importante porq fortaleces la relacion entre tus parientes no importa si son hermanos hijos,etc y te aseguro que si lo haces te divertiras.
hoy sabado fue uno de los mejores dias de mi vida porq me diverti mucho ademas comparti con mis primas.cuidando a la mas pequeña.

ser como niños a veces es divertido.

un delicioso raspado

try it........ happy day

smile forever.... kisses