My 2016´s Resolution

I am not the person who writes resolutions every year but this time i want to change it; in order to , organize myself .

I have on my mind to challenge myself and to strengthen some weakness that i have identified. As some of you noticed i stopped to  blogging until now because i started to working on a full time job, so it was difficult to me to be organized.  After the job i was not in the mood to  blogging because i was very tired. As a consequence i abandoned my dream and my followers.

Find the balance in your life

For this year my first step is to have a balance between my own life, work, health, spirituality and family. It is very  important to have time for each of one,.

One of the things that i left apart for a long it was the reading for this year i will propouse to read a book every 2 month at least....

Do a Schedule- This is my very simple one

At 05:00 a.m i wake up and i do exercise every day after that i take the shower and get ready to work.

At 07:00 drink lemon water ( very healthy, i recommend it a lot)

At 12:00 midday at eat my salad

At 03:00 p.m. i take a healthy snack/ green tea

At 05:00 p.m Go home

At 06: 00 p.m. reading

Friday and saturday: blogging time

Be constance: the key to reach your goals is to be continous what you set out.

I am happy to share with you my commitment for this awesome 2016.

Also i have another goals but this time i am not gonna to write about that.

Kisses and happy new year.